The Body Nirvana
Duration: 2, 2 & 1/2, or 3 Hours.
This session will combine several massage modalities. Acupressure, CranioSacral, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Swedish, Trigger Point & Thai massage. Are you ready for The Body Nirvana?

Corporate Massage
Duration:  Varies
Your employees will thank you. Boost wellness, renew energy, share the Nirvana.

Duration: 90 Minutes
A relaxing blend of massage styles (modalities) that are carefully combined to relax “Mommy to be” and nurture baby. A very healthy 90 minutes.

Sports Massage
Duration: 15-90 Minutes
An Invigorating blend of massage modalities to prevent injury, enhance performance and to recover from all forms of activity.

Duration: 30-90 Minutes
Reflex points on feet, hands, and body to address specific conditions and or general relaxation. Very good for anyone who unable to tolerate traditional massage therapy.

Deep Tissue
Duration: 90 Minutes
Firm, slower work on specific muscle groups. Level of intensity varies as requested. 90 minute session is required.
*Premium Pricing

Duration: 60-90 Minutes
Classic massage for relaxation and reducing stress. Swedish uses long gliding strokes with medium pressure enhancing circulation, that melts away tension.